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5 May 2021

Job in Yavne, Packer at Confectionery factory

Yavne | Added on: 29 April 2021, number: 86509

Job in Yavne, Packer at Confectionery factory, Contractual

Yavne | 29 April 2021, number: 86509, views: 393
  • Full time / Part time: Job 
  • Suitable for: Residents 
  • Possibility to apply for a working visa: No 
  • Requiered level of Hebrew: Not neccessary 
  • Working days per week:
  • Working hours per day:
  • Place of work: Confectionery factory 
  • Position: Packer 
In the city of Yavne
workers are required to pack the buns
Schedule: 6 days a week
12 hour working day
day and night shifts (optional)
High salary + insurance
there is a shuttle service for the night shift from Ramla, Lod

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