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Wooden submachine gun Schmeisser WW2 Toy MP41 355.70 ₪

Wooden submachine gun Schmeisser WW2 Toy MP41

Created: 15 January
Condition: New 
The layout is designed for boys from 7 to 13 years old.
The wooden construction set has a removable magazine for cartridges, which is inserted with a slight movement of the hand, like in a movie. All parts are coated with water-based paint or varnish approved for use with a children's toy.
1. Exclusive toy, each copy is made by hand.
2. Made of environmentally friendly wood.
3. Collapsible design and removable magazine.
4. Silent model.
5. Durabile.
6. Competitive price compared to plastic counterparts.
Handmade wooden copy, only environmentally friendly materials, pleasant to the touch. NO plastic. The stock and handles are made of noble wood and covered with high-quality impregnations and varnishes.
This copy of a wooden weapon is an exclusively author's work.
The colors of the painted parts may differ slightly from the photo.
Check the exact price and availability of the goods on the seller's website:
Created: 15 January
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355.70 ₪
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