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Wooden tower stool for study, mum's helper, baby stool, toddler stool, tab 550 ₪

Wooden tower stool for study, mum's helper, baby stool, toddler stool, tab

Created: 17 February
Condition: New 
Your mom's assistant will be able to climb onto a wooden stool and safely have fun and help you prepare your meals. These types of stools and benches can look like a gift idea for a toddler, a wooden kitchen support tower, or an active baby tower. the highchair for children is impregnated with natural teak oil. Our safety kitchen stool, unlike the competition's Activity Tower, has a very simple and reliable height adjustment mechanism. He will never fail. The safe kitchen stool is designed according to Montessori DIY furniture principles. The kitchen helper's tower may be signed with your child's name. Engraving in the most conspicuous place. A personal stool for a baby is the pride of the baby and a good memory. safety: the child's step on the seat platform is engraved with feet that provide an anti-slip effect for greater safety. special grooves on the base (on which the child stands) prevent him from leaving. Therefore, this modification of the height adjustment is considered very simple and reliable. The tower helps keep your child safe by helping you in the kitchen, but we always recommend adult supervision for your child's added safety. We are not responsible for accidents. Recommended age: 12+ months. Made of high quality 12mm birch plywood, it offers safety, durability and style. The maximum load that a kitchen helper can safely carry is 45 kg. size: total height: 87 cm, base: 50 x 42 cm base position: bottom 32 cm, middle 37 cm, top 43 cm. Board: 40 cm x 40 cm assembly: the product is delivered unassembled. To assemble, you will need skills to work with a screwdriver, the Phillips screwdriver itself and a time of 8-10 minutes. The assembly is intuitive, so there is no need for instructions.
Created: 17 February
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550 ₪ Price negotiating is possible
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