Urgent Lawyer Eitan Zvulun

Haifa | Added on: 16 December 2020, number: 38669

Urgent Lawyer Eitan Zvulun

Haifa | 16 December 2020, Lawyer in Haifa - Yosef, Zvulun & Partners, number: 38669, views: 14599

Address: Haifa, Eliyahu HaNavi 2

  • Field of work: Commercial law, Real estates, Financial claimes, Civil rights, Family rights, Compensation, Criminal law, Transport law, Labour law, Intellectual property 
  • Website: https://ru.yosef-zvulun.co.il/ 
Graduate of the Academic College of Netanya. First Degree in Law School LL.B.
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Haifa district, Eliyahu HaNavi 2
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Lawyer in Haifa - Yosef, Zvulun & Partners
We work with clients in various litigations in all courts in Israel (on issues related to Bituach Le...
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Haifa district, Eliyahu HaNavi 2
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