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Reverse osmosis water filters in Haifa

Reverse osmosis water filters in Haifa

Created: 16 November 2020
Our company invites you to get acquainted with our services and which of our filters are especially good against viruses:
The flow-through system "3 + 1" is a faithful and compact assistant in the fight against viruses. The third stage of cleaning with a carbon membrane, where the pore diameter is only 0.03 microns, will not allow any pathogenic bacteria to pass through. The price is 590 shekels.
Reverse osmosis systems. The main component is reverse osmosis membranes with a pore diameter of 0, 0001 microns. No virus can get through such tiny holes. The membrane itself separates water into pure and concentrate. The clean one gets to you in a cup, pot or bathroom, and the concentrate is sent to the drain along with all the viruses. The price is 1,000 shekels.
Take care of your health. It's time to drink clean water!
Created: 16 November 2020
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