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Braces, aligners - Dentist in Haifa

Braces, aligners - Dentist in Haifa

Created: 10 August
Address: Haifa, Адар, Show On Map on the map
Braces are a system consisting of special locks, each of which is attached to the tooth, and a metal arc guiding it to the desired position. During treatment, you need to regularly visit the orthodontist to correct the position of the metal arch. This allows the teeth to be gradually affected.
Aligners - orthodontic aligners made of transparent material, designed to correct the dentition. To obtain the result, a set of corrective aligners is made, which are successively changed. This allows you to gradually move the teeth into the desired position. The design is removable for easy chewing, oral hygiene.
The treatment is carried out using high-tech certified equipment.
Qualitatively and with an individual approach to each client.
Haifa, Adar
+972 58-770-0178
Created: 10 August
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