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Mortgage Consultant in Haifa and Krayot, Northern Israel

Mortgage Consultant in Haifa and Krayot, Northern Israel

Created: 31 October 2021
Address: Haifa, Haifa, Show On Map on the map
Alex Safir is a Chartered Mortgage Consultant in Israel.
Phone 054-8004561
Full support and assistance in everything related to obtaining and recalculating a mortgage.
Full support and assistance in buying an apartment in a project, מחיר למשתכן, mortgage for construction, mortgage for any purpose, repairs, etc.
Why do you need a consultant, you ask?
My answer is simply to save money, your money.
So that you pay your mortgage not "Into the air", but pay off your debt with each monthly payment.
When the mortgage is not built correctly, a situation familiar to many turns out in which you pay, pay, and the amount of debt does not decrease, but the monthly payment increases ...

We will build a mortgage plan so that you return the bank as little money as possible.
The first meeting is free of charge and does not oblige you to anything.

A mortgage is money, big money, and money loves an account.
Mortgages require a particularly correct account.

We exist so that the process of obtaining a mortgage for you is simple, understandable and easy, so that you can recalculate the mortgage correctly for you and save tens of thousands of shekels.

There are many nuances when buying an apartment and obtaining a mortgage. Buyers do not always know them. We accompany the entire process from signing an apartment purchase agreement to obtaining a mortgage.
We are interested in you getting a mortgage on favorable terms and knowing exactly what you sign at the bank.

Advice on mortgages in the north in the center in the center of Haifa in Hadera.
Our prices are unrivaled !!!
For all questions, please call 054-800-4561
Created: 31 October 2021
Alex Safir
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Alex Safir
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