Job in Beer Sheva, Installer at Factory

Beer Sheva | Added on: 1 April 2021, number: 61602

Job in Beer Sheva, Installer at Factory, Contractual

Beer Sheva | 1 April 2021, יורי, number: 61602, views: 391
  • Full time / Part time: Job 
  • Suitable for: Residents 
  • Possibility to apply for a working visa: No 
  • Requiered level of Hebrew: Not neccessary 
  • Working days per week:
  • Working hours per day:
  • Place of work: Factory 
  • Position: Installer 
An installer is required in Beersheva, those who are vaccinated against the Coronavirus
working days: Sun-Thu, if necessary - Fri
from 7: 00-17: 00
long-term work
high salary for suitable
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